<h1>Bourgogne CHANSON P&egrave;re & Fils</h1> <h2>Depuis 1750 &agrave; Beaune</h2> <h3>Bienvenue</h3> Nous vous invitons &agrave; partager notre passion des grands terroirs de Bourgogne<br> Gilles de Courcel <br> <h3>Actualit&eacute;s</h3> <b>13.01.14&nbsp;&nbsp;Jean Pierre Confuron : &amp;quot; Wine grower of the year 2014&amp;quot;</b><br>Jean Pierre Confuron : &amp;quot;Wine grower of the year 2014&amp;quot; by the Revue du Vin de France Great party organized by the Revue du Vin de France on January 10,at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. Jean Pierre Confuron was starring as best wine grower of the year. <br><br><br><b>06.11.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Nuits-Saint-Georges 2009 in Vinum October 2013 with 16.5/20 scores</b><br>&amp;quot;The nose is open and well-defined, notes from cherries and marzipan. Fruit, tannin and acidity are well-balanced, nice length and a fresh finish, which makes you feel like having more.&amp;quot; Vinum October 2013<br><br><br><b>06.11.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Corton - Les Vergennes Grand Cru Domaine des H&eacute;ritiers P. Chanson 2011</b><br>&amp;quot;Pretty, fine, great race, long and tension, intensity.&amp;quot; with 18/20 scores in The Guide Bettane &amp; Desseauve des Vins de France 2014<br><br><br><b>06.11.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Chambertin-Clos de B&egrave;ze Grand Cru 2010 featured in Wine &amp; Spirit</b><br>&amp;quot;There&amp;#39;s a glow to this wine, a transparency to the tannins that illuminates the soil character the way mica reflects light. It takes like the earth in motion, the wine&amp;#39;s energy rolling around in the mouth, all the elements integrated with precision so that it feels like an orb, powerful, pure and glowing for minutes after each sip. The grandeur of the wine goes far beyond flavor descriptions of game and dark cherry complexities. It&amp;#39;s more about the wine&amp;#39;s presence, brilliant company to be around.&amp;quot; Score 96/100 in Wine &amp; Spirits, Winter 2013<br><br><br><b>18.07.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Saint Aubin Pitengerets 2011 featured in Decanter</b><br>&amp;quot;Nice, fresh nose: firm, taut, sappy and very mineral. Fresh attack that is crisp and lively with fine, precise but long flavours and a lightly mineral finish. This could evolve nicely.&amp;quot; Score 90+ - Highly recommended - Decanter - August 2013 <br><br><br><b>15.02.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Chassagne Montrachet 2010 in the Wine Spectator</b><br>&amp;quot;A smoky aroma of bread dough gives way to lemon cake, beewax and hints of butterscotch in this rich yet elegant white. Hums through the finish with precision and balance.&amp;quot; Score 90 - Wine Spectator 31. Jan.-28. Feb 2013<br><br><br><b>30.01.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Gevrey Chambertin : Excellent score - Wine Spectator 31 Jan/ 28th Feb 2013</b><br>&amp;quot;Gevrey-Chambertin 2010 - A fresh, vibrant red, whose acidity brings the cherry, currant and spice flavors into sharp relief. Slightly angular now, but should round out in the short term.&amp;quot; - 90 - Wine Spectator - Jan. - Feb. 2013<br><br><br><b>21.01.13&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Meursault Perri&egrave;res 2010: highly recommended - Decanter Magazine</b><br>&amp;quot;Quite a rich nose of oak and white flowers. Tastes more like Charmes than Perri&egrave;res. Nonetheless a good and concentrated wine, with firm acidity, a fine-grained texture and considerable drive and persistence.&amp;quot; 17.5 Decanter Magazine - January 2013 <br><br><br><b>16.11.12&nbsp;&nbsp;Le Beaune Clos des Mouches 1er Cru 2009 Chanson in the Wine Spectator </b><br>Beaune Clos des Mouches Chanson 2009 (Red) get an excellent score of 90/100. &amp;quot;A spicy, tangy style that is sleek and firmly structured, bursting with raspberry and candied strawberry notes. The long, tight finish shows potential.&amp;quot; Wine Spectator - 30 Novembre 2012<br><br><br><b>30.08.12&nbsp;&nbsp;Corton Vergennes Grand Cru 2009 : excellent score in the Wine Spectator </b><br>&amp;quot;A buttery style, with apricot, peach, vanilla and brioche aromas and flavors. Flamboyant and obvious, but there&amp;#39;s good acidity. Firms up on the finish, so has time to give.&amp;quot; - Score 91 - Wine Spectator - Aug. 31, 2012.<br><br><br><b>04.06.12&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Chablis Mont&eacute;e de Tonnerre 1er Cru 2010 : among the bests in the Decanter issue of July 2012.</b><br>Chanson Chablis Mont&eacute;e de Tonnerre 1er Cru 2010 highly recommended by Decanter in the July 2012 issue and on the cover page of the magazine. &amp;quot;Restrained nose of flowers, honey, green and stony fruit. Plenty of oak shows through but it is well done so adds lovely complexity. It is almost chewy with pure, zippy citrus fruit flavour and a good minerality finish. Lots of potential. Classic and delicious. Drink: 2013-2018.&amp;quot; Decanter - July 2012 - <br><br><br><b>11.05.12&nbsp;&nbsp;Chanson Chambertin Clos de B&egrave;ze Grand Cru 2009 : Score 93 - Wine Spectator - 15th June 2012</b><br>&amp;quot;Cherry liqueur, blackberry, cinnamon and medicinal herb flavors are present, backed by muscular structure. This is fresh and smooth, tightening up as the finish lingers. The spice and mineral aftertaste keeps on coming !&amp;quot; Score 93 - Wine Spectator - June 15, 2012 Issue<br><br><br><b>09.01.12&nbsp;&nbsp;Decanter - Feb. 2012 : 5 Stars for Beaune Clos des Mouches 2010 Domaine Chanson - Red wine </b><br>&amp;quot;Exuberant wine with ripe, red fruit ; bright with juicy bursting berries and smooth tannins. Some power here reined with elegance.&amp;quot; Score : 18.5 Decanter - February 2012<br><br><br><b>27.05.11&nbsp;&nbsp;Beaune Teurons Premier Cru 2008 : Great score in the Wine Spectator </b><br>&amp;quot;Beautifully proportioned, offering strawberry, cherry, floral and mineral aromas and flavors. Very harmonious and vibrant, tightening on the finish. Cherry and mineral accents linger. Score : 91 - Wine Spectator - May 31, 2011 <br><br><br><!-- menu français --> <br><br> <a href="index.php">Bienvenue</a><br> <a href="actualite.php">Actualit&eacute;s</a><br> <a href="contacts-fr.php">Contacts</a><br> <a href="galerie-images.php">Galerie d'Images</a><br> <a href="nos-vins.php">Nos Vins</a><br> <a href="notre-domaine.php">Notre Domaine</a><br> <a href="presentation-fr.php">Pr&eacute;sentation</a><br> <br><br> <!-- menu anglais --> <a href="index.php">Welcome</a><br> <a href="news.php">News</a><br> <a href="contacts-uk.php">Contacts</a><br> <a href="image-gallery.php">Image Gallery</a><br> <a href="our-wines.php">Our Wines</a><br> <a href="our-domaine.php">Our Domaine</a><br> <a href="about-us.php">About us</a><br> <br><br> <!-- menu allemand --> <a href="index.php">Willkommen</a><br> <a href="aktuelles.php">Aktuelles</a><br> <a href="prasentation.php">Pr&auml;sentation</a><br> <a href="unser-weingut.php">Unser Weingut</a><br> <a href="unsere-weine.php">Unsere Weine</a><br> <a href="bildergalerie.php">Bildergalerie</a><br> <a href="kontakt.php">Kontakt</a><br> <br><br> <!-- menu japonais --> <a href="../pages_jp/index.php">シャンソンについて</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/news.php">ニュース</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/contacts.php">連絡先</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/image-gallery.php">イメージ・ギャラリー</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/our-wines.php">シャンソンのワイン</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/our-domaine.php">シャンソンの自社畑</a><br> <a href="../pages_jp/about-us.php">シャンソンについて</a><br> <br><br> <a href='http://www.vinium.com' target='_blank' title='Webdesign' >Webdesign</a>