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Mâcon Chardonnay 2013

Grape Variety : Chardonnay

Soil : Clay and Limestone

Site : The area of production is located right in the center of the Mâcon area, in the vicinity of the village of Chardonnay.

The Vintage 2013 : After a long winter and a gloomy spring, the summer was warm and sunny but with intervals of violent hail storms. The harvest took place in the last days of September under a bright sunshine. The difficult weather conditions at the beginning of the year and the hail storms have considerably impacted the yields in most of the wine regions but quality is there. The white wines are tense with citrus fruit aromas and a well-shaped acidity.

Tasting : Pale gold colour. Notes of fern mixed with aromas of citrus fruit on a hint of minerality. Well structured. Crunchy with a well-defined minerality. Long and refreshing aftertaste.

Food pairing : Suitable for most occasions. Food parings include pâté, lobsters and poultry, as well as many goat cheeses.